ILAA Honors and Awards

The Illinois Academy of Audiology is pleased to announce that it is now accepting nominations for awards for outstanding service, advocacy, or achievements.  Nomination submission requirements are described under each award description.  Please email or mail your nomination to address listed below.

Honors of the Academy

This is the Academy’s highest award, which recognizes individuals who have shown outstanding commitment to the field of audiology and unfailing support of the Illinois Academy of Audiology. Previous recipients are James Lankford, Gail Gudmundsen, David Hill, Marci Evans, Paul Pessis, Karen Glay, Barbara Murphy, Steven Wolinsky, Thomas Thunder, Mary Cay Chisholm, Kathleen Campbell, Alan Freint, Deborah Pitcher, Pamela Fiebig, Stephen Hallenbeck, Dana Helmink and Tracy Murphy. When submitting a nomination, please include a brief summary of the nominee’s background and work/professional history as well as significant contributions. Confidentiality regarding this award is customary.

Natalie Stukas Hearing Conservation Award

This award acknowledges outstanding achievement in clinical practice, consumer education, research, or product development in the area of hearing conservation. The award was established in 2004 in the memory of Natalie Stukas, a founding member of the Illinois Academy of Audiology, who dedicated her professional life to the identification and prevention of hearing loss in the work place. Previous recipients are Sue Zurales, Michael Santucci, Thomas Thunder, Carolynn Travis, Mead Killion, James Lankford, Deanna Meinke, Brian Fligor, Brandon Estes, Benjamin Kanters, Adam Hill, Charles Menghini and Kathleen Campbell. When submitting a nomination, please provide a brief description of the nominee’s contribution to the prevention of hearing loss, and background of the individual or company. Nominations are open to students, professionals, practitioners, researchers, and commercial or not-for-profit entities. Self-nominations are welcome. Confidentiality is not required.

George Osborne Outstanding Clinical Educator Award

This award recognizes an ILAA member who has made an exceptional contribution to the clinical education of audiology students, serving as an off-campus preceptor for an audiology academic program in Illinois. This award was named in 2007 for George S. Osborne, Ph.D. who was a passionate advocate for audiology education, mentoring, and the establishment of the Au.D. degree. Nominees must have served as a preceptor for more than one student during the past five years, or have recently developed an exceptional new clinical education opportunity for audiology students. Previous recipients are Michael Hefferly, Denis Moore, Madonna Stoioff, Michael Brown, Becky Braun, Jeanne Perkins, Colleen Armgardt, Megan Bradshaw, Pamela Fiebig, Regina Dziewior, Kathleen Ulrich, and Denise Keenan. Submit two letters of recommendation, one from the preceptor’s current or former student, and one from an individual at an Illinois audiology program. Include the nominee’s curriculum vita. A preceptor may be nominated by a current or former student or by a colleague. Confidentiality is optional.

Legislator Recognitions

Special recognitions are given to legislators who have supported issues related to the interests of the profession of audiology and the patients we serve. Previous recipients have been State Senator Bradley Burzynski, State Representative Julie Hamos, State Senator Wendell Jones, State Senator Edward Maloney, State Representative Robert Pritchard, and State Representative Angelo “Skip” Saviano. Nominations are welcome from all ILAA members. Please submit a description of the individual that deserves this special recognition.

Special Recognitions for Distinguished Service, Advocacy, or Achievement

Special recognitions are given to ILAA members, community leaders, business persons, journalists, and other supporters of audiology or the Academy’s mission and goals. Previous recipients are Dee Bayro, Danica Billingsly, Sumitrajt Dhar, Etymotic Research, Marci Evans, Steve Hallenbeck, Dana Helmink, Cathy Jones, Marty Keenan, Marc Lichtman, Barbara Murphy, Paul Pessis, Phonak, Linda Remensnyder, Joanne Schupbach, Gail Tanner, Thomas Thunder, Marla Trombetta, Christine Ulinski, Marie Vetter, and Howard Wolinsky.  Nominations are welcome from all ILAA members. Please submit a description of the individual or company that deserves this special recognition.


Please direct nominations or any questions or comments about the ILAA Honors and Awards by email to or by mail to:

Outstanding Audiological Services Award

In addition to the ILAA awards, the Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) provides an Outstanding Audiological Services Award. This DRS honor is awarded to an audiologist who has provided timely service and outstanding DRS customer satisfaction and outcomes. Previous recipients are Lisa Steinwart, David Groesch, Linda Burba, Robert Lindberg, Christine Troxell, Keri Maas, Deborah Pitcher, David Powell, Robert Moss, Gloria Wong and Pamela Curtis, Regina Dziewior and Ronna Fisher. Further information on this award can be obtained from DRS.

Outstanding Student Presenter Award

Each year ILAA selects a doctoral student presenter whose presentation at the annual convention is particularly outstanding. Previous winners are Renee Banakis (NU), Darrin Worthington (NU), Emily Nightingale (Rush), Douglas Steinberg (Rush), Theresa Blank (NIU), Kathleen Dunckley (NU), Stephanie Pesa (Rush), Alexandra Parbery-Clark (NU), Robert Risley (Rush), Kristine Henslin Trester (Rush), Namita Gehani (NU),   Monika Tiido (Rush), Phillip Sanchez (Rush) and Margaret Nowak (Rush). Information about student presentations are provided each year by the VPs of Education during the convention planning stages.

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