Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The Illinois Academy of Audiology will advance Audiology in Illinois by furthering its members' efforts for advocacy and the delivery of quality hearing and balance healthcare through public awareness, education and governmental efforts. 


The Academy:

  • Will promote and support audiology as an autonomous profession.
  • Will engage the members to become vocal advocates for their patients and themselves through active communication with their legislators and the public.
  • will be recognized as the voice of Audiology in Illinois.
  • Will continue to provide premier educational opportunities to its members. 

The Goals of ILAA

Each goal includes strategies to achieve the intended objectives.

1. Define and support our professional standards


1. Create a document that outlines our vision of best in class professional standards for both professionals and students.
2. Create marketing documents to:

a. Reframe hearing loss as a major quality of life concern.

b. Highlight differences in professionals providing healthcare services.

2. Improve Professional Autonomy: Within the next 5 years, ILAA will help improve professional autonomy through actions related to the preparation for sunset of licensure.


1. Create ad Hoc committee to investigate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with the following topics:

a. Accreditation and licensure

b. Tele-audiology

c. Audiology assistants

d. In Person CEU requirements 

2. Create an audiology marketing piece that is regionally relevant to more deeply engage current members. 

3. Public relations committee will create a proposal for board action to be presented to the membership.

3. Maintain existing and establish new liaisons with elected officials to promote the professional interests of audiologists in licensure, legislation, and other governmental affairs.


1. Build a list of legislatively "connected" members and use that list.
2. Encourage members to know their state legislators.

3. Send out legislative alerts when bill is pending.

4. Contact head of each state dept of interest to distribute a list of current leaders.

4. Sustain organization viability


1. Balanced budget

2. Membership engagement

3. Leadership continuity

4. Maintain/revise education activities

5. Annual strategic review


a. Create and review timetables for members to expect communication

i. Assign VPs per month to write a newsletter submission

ii. At least one paper communication between the academy and the memberships including contact


b. Sponsor round table discussions of current topics.

c. Request VPs transitioning off to serve as a committee member for 1 year following end of term.

d. Target membership for specific volunteer activities

e. "Wiki" to preserve archives

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