Cindy Pichler wins Ida Institute's Defining the Audiogram Challenge

09/02/2011 9:54 AM | Anonymous
Cindy Pichler, Au.D., of Resurrection Medical in Chicago, was named one of two winners of the "Defining the Audiogram" Challenge by the nonprofit group Ida Institute.  Dr. Pichler was awarded a free trip to an upcoming seminar in Denmark on audiologic rehabilitation.  "In her submission, Pichler good naturedly took issue with the Ida Institute’s challenge to define the audiogram. “Why should we have to explain the audiogram at all?” she asked. “You’ll notice that I don’t explain the audiogram at all. My message needs to be what the problem is, what it means, and what we might do about it. I need to present the message in very simple terms that increase the ability of the patient to understand what is going on and what is recommended.” Pichler provides an animated and upbeat script that is effective for families trying to process new information about their children’s conductive hearing loss and easily adapted for patients of all ages and situations."

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