October is National Audiology Awareness Month!

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36+ million American adults experience some degree of hearing loss.
That is over 13 times the number of Chicago residents.

Elmhurst, IL (October 19, 2015) – The statistics are even more shocking knowing over half are under the age of 65. Hearing loss is an increasing health concern in the United States and is often preventable. In response to the growing number of Americans suffering from hearing loss, the American Academy of Audiology, in conjunction with Illinois Academy of Audiology (ILAA), is encouraging those with hearing concerns to see an audiologist this October during National Audiology Awareness Month.

Have you stopped going to restaurants and social gatherings? Do you avoid noisy environments and crowded rooms?  If you answered yes, you may have a hearing problem. Seeing an audiologist for regular hearing screenings and recognizing the signs of hearing loss can protect your hearing. Some signs of hearing loss include trouble hearing conversation in a noisy environment such as restaurants, difficulty or inability to hear people talking to you without looking at them, and/or a constant pain or ringing or buzzing in your ears.

If you think you may have hearing loss, the first step in treatment of a hearing problem is to be evaluated by an audiologist.
An audiologist is a licensed and clinically experienced health-care professional who specializes in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating people with hearing loss and balance disorders. Audiologists have a variety of specialties and can augment their base training in pediatric audiology or vestibular sciences, for example. An audiologist’s hearing evaluation will determine the degree of hearing loss you have and what can be done moving forward.

As a free online resource, ILAA offers a searchable list of its members by city, specialty, etc. to the public. Find your local Illinois-based audiologist today by visiting: www.ILAudiology.org/FindYourILAudiologist.

The Illinois Academy of Audiology (ILAA), "The Voice of Audiology in Illinois," was founded in November 1992 to be the organization of, by, and for audiologists in Illinois. Audiologists are professionals who are university-trained and licensed to identify, evaluate, and treat disorders of hearing and balance. ILAA members are professional audiologists with a minimum educational requirement of a Master's degree. The licensed audiologists that make up ILAA membership have passed a comprehensive national examination and are licensed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to practice audiology and dispense hearing aids within the state. Our mission is to enhance our ability to prevent, identify, and treat the needs of hearing impaired individuals of all ages by pursuing activities in patient care, public education, and continuing education. We hope to address all of your hearing health care concerns. 

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