Student Scholarships


1st place:  Registration to ILAA 2019 convention and one-year membership to ILAA

2nd and 3rd place: Registration at ILAA 2019



Must be currently enrolled in a doctoral audiology program within the state of Illinois.


Application Requirements

1.     Please send CV/Resume

2.     Please send 2 Letters of recommendation

3.     Please include your grade point average, as well as the university’s grading scale (i.e., 3.5 with maximum possible of 4 or 3.9 with maximum possible of 5).

4.     ttendance at ILAA 2019 Convention directly impact your Audiology training and your future in the Audiology profession?

b. How have your accomplishments in the areas of leadership and service as well as clinical and research activities contributed to the Audiology field and other humanitarian causes?

c. How did you become interested in and decide to pursue a career in the field of Audiology?

ILAA Scholarships

ILAA Student Members: Interested in applying for a scholarship?  To apply you must be a current post-secondary undergraduate planning to pursue graduate study or current graduate level student studying audiology. Applications has historically been accepted from November - January. Please see the link below for more information.

Caption Call Scholarship

Stay tuned for more scholarship opportunities. 

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